The run test for both 240Volt and 110Volt appliances is really the Leakage or Touch Current test. To test for leakage and touch current the appliance has to be operating i.e. running, so the appliance has to be powered up.

This can have serious health and safety issues, particularly when testing power tools.  The appliance has to be secure during testing to the extent that it can’t injure anyone while operating. The leakage pass/fail limits are:

  •  Class I  - Hand Held or Portable  0.75mAmps.
  •  Class I  - IT, Movable or Stationary 3,5mAmps.
  •  Class II - 0.25mAmps.

These limits can be found on page 77 Table 15.3 of the IEE Code of Practice 3rd edition.