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About Fluke PAT Testers

Fluke is one of the most well known manufacturers of test equipment in the industry. Founded in 1948 they have spent many years manufacturing good quality products and growing a global profile to include a number of different branches and product types.

Fluke manufacture a number of different types of equipment besides PAT Test equipment, these include things like industrial and electronic equipment, temperature and HVAC equipment, air quality equipment and electrical equipment.

The PAT testing range of equipment from Fluke is very popular amongst PAT Technicians and is known for being lightweight with a strong rugged design. Fluke also like to include a whole range of features in their PAT equipment and all products can perform Class I and Class II test functions.

Including options for those wanting a basic model tester and an advanced model, for those wanting a machine able to perform additional advanced functions, Fluke testers are a main choice for many in the industry.

For further information on the range of Fluke equipment available and to find the best one for you, take a look at the options below. Each Fluke tester comes with a range of kit options to ensure you always get every accessory you need.

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