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About Megger PAT Testers

Megger was established in the late 1800’s and has been manufacturing products for test and measurement for many years.

With branches across the world, Megger is well known in the industry and one many trust to provide excellent equipment and products. Megger produce all their products under the Megger name to help customers identify the Megger brand and to help people understand that all their products work well together.

Megger are also committed to ensuring that the latest technology and industry innovations are passed on to their customers. They have a wide range of products from HV equipment like insulation resistance equipment and cable testing equipment, to 17th Edition equipment, multifunction testers, multimeters, earth testers, and many other Electrician, Industrial and Telecom products.

However, their range of PAT test equipment is well known in the industry and many choose Megger products again after they have had them previously. Current products in the range are varied, from products at a more essential level to advanced models with many features and functions.  Although, between the higher and lower range models there are a number of test instruments to choose from so that everyone can find the perfect model of tester with the ideal functionality capability for their needs.

For detailed information on the Megger range of PAT testers, take a look at the options below and click through to the product page for detailed information on the specifications for each option. Each model has the choice of various kits and packages.

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