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Top 10 PAT Tester Kits

Here at PATTesters, we know that our customers need accessories and other items alongside their PAT testers.

To help you pick between our range of exclusive kits, we've put together a top ten list with a selection of different bundles.

UNI-T UT527 PAT Tester Kit

1. UNI-T UT527 PAT Tester - Bundle 1

Starting out with a PAT testing venture? You can't get better than this kit! One of the lowest priced kits in store, it comes with a tester, microwave leakage detector, labels, adaptors and even our own fully accredited PAT training DVD + online exam!




BattPAT Bundle PAT Tester Kit

2. First Stop Safety BattPAT Tester - Bundle 1

The BattPAT is one of the easiest PAT testers to use on the market. Just plug in your appliance and the tester will tell you if its safe or not using LED light indicators. Bundle comes with everything you'll need for testing such as labels and other essentials.




PrimeTest 100 Bundle 1

3. Seaward PrimeTest 100 - Bundle 1

Like the bundle 1 for the BattPAT and UNI-T models, this kit comes with labels, our training DVD and a deluxe carrying case (as well as other items). The PrimeTest 100 is another simple to use PAT tester with three button operation to speed up testing times.




Kewtech KT72 PAT Tester Bundle 2

4. Kewtech KT72 PAT Tester - Bundle 2

Designed for basic checks, the KT72 runs on batteries and is ideal for porting around offices, shops and other locations. Bundle 2 includes a copy of SimplyPATs manual software, allowing the user to input testing readings into a PC and manage customer data!




Seaward PrimeTest 50 Bundle 2

5. Seaward PrimeTest 50 - Bundle 2

Seaward's most basic PAT tester - the PT50 is ideal for use by those new to the field.  Bundle 2 is even more perfect for beginners - it comes with absolutely everything you'll need when PAT testing on a daily basis, including leads, labels, a training DVD and more!




Fluke 6500-2 PAT Tester Bundle 3

6. Fluke 6500-2 - Bundle 3

Built for professional PAT users, bundle 3 of the Fluke 6500-4 comes with a huge accessory pack. You'll recieve a barcode scanner, software, a socket tester, labels, adapters, a training DVD, microwave leakage detector and lots more!




Martindale HPAT600 PAT Tester Kit

7. Martindale HPAT600 - Bundle 1

Martindale's HPAT600 is one of the smallest PAT testers on the market and is ideal for use in testing appliances in any application. This bundle pack includes everything from our training DVD (allowing you to train staff to PAT test) to hundreds of PAT labels.




First Stop Safety MemoryPAT PAT Tester Essential Bundle

8. First Stop Safety MemoryPAT - Essentials Bundle

Our basic bundle packs contain a PAT tester, labels and a logbook. Basically, they come with everything you need to get started PAT testing.




Seaward Apollo 600 Premium Bundle

9. Seaward Apollo 600 Premium Bundle

Get Seaward's most advanced tester, unlimited access to PATGuard software, a barcode scanner, labels, PAT adaptors and a huge bundle of other accessories in this exclusive kit!




UNI-T UT527 PAT Tester Bundle 2

10. UNI-T UT527 PAT Tester - Bundle 2

The upgraded version of the UT527 bundle 1, this kit also comes with a copy of SimplyPATS manual entry software alongisde all the other stuff you can see in the picture. A must have for all basic users.




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