About PAT Labels

Labels are absolutely essential for any PAT Engineer. Without adequate labelling it becomes difficult to identify which appliance has been tested and which has not. This is especially true if you are testing a number of appliances of the same type.
However, beside the practical reasons for using labels, they are particularly recommended in PAT testing publications like the Code of Practice and the Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing.

There are many different types of labels available including:

  • Plug top labels for the surface of plugs
  • Red failed labels for appliances that fail any of the visual or electrical tests
  • Quick pass PAT labels for easy entry
  • Tough tag labels for appliances in particularly hardwearing areas
  • Cable wrap labels for wrapping around cables and wires
  • Multi date labels for adding in more than one test result
  • Microwave leakage labels for testing microwave ovens
  • Visual inspection labels to identify when a visual inspection has taken place
  • Barcode labels for easy identification when retesting
  • Mark and seal labels for places in contact with water

Labels are available in individual rolls of varying length or as kits and bundles. These kits and bundles are organised with different types of labels grouped together for easy purchase, and to save money. There are a number of different types of both large and small bundles to suit every budget and requirement.

Take a look through the list of different types of labels below and don’t forget to check out the array of bundles and kits.

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