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Top 10 PAT Testers

Based on the most popular testers sold to our customers, our top 10 PAT testers list outlines several of the best testers currently on the market.

UNI-T UT528 PAT Tester

1. UNI-T UT528 PAT Tester

One of our most popular testers, the UT528 is well known for its reliability, ease of use and low price. This product is ideal for use by beginner users and for environments such as shops, small offices and anywhere else with a few appliances to test.




Fluke 6500-2 PAT Tester

2. Fluke 6500-2

The upgraded version of Fluke's 6200-2 PAT tester with built-in QWERTY keyboard, flash memory card compatibility, adjustable PAT procedures, one-touch test activation and space for 1000 records.




Seaward Apollo 600 PAT Tester

3. Seaward Apollo 600+

Seaward's update of the Apollo 600 introduces the Apollo 600+ PAT Tester, designed to revolutionise PAT Testing with built-in safety management, risk assessment and a comprehensive range of electrical safety tests to offer the user an all in one solution to managing, assessing and testing in any environment




First Stop Safety BattPAT PAT Tester

4. First Stop Safety BattPAT

An excellent choice for entry-level users, the BattPAT uses simple PASS/FAIL indicators to show if an appliance has passed or failed a test. Quick, simple and extremely easy to use, this product is suitable for all basic PAT testing measurements.




Seaward PrimeTest 100 PAT Tester

5. Seaward PrimeTest 100

The upgraded version of Seaward's PrimeTest 50. Includes additional functionality such as IT equipment compatibility, socket testing function, LCD display with PASS/FAIL indication and more. Designed for ease of use with three dedicated testing buttons.




Metrel GammaPAT PAT Tester

6. Metrel GammaPAT

Perhaps the smallest PAT tester on the market, the GammaPAT has integrated memory (with optional downloadable Pro option), a built-in PAT checkbox and is extremely simple to use. Ideal for use in schools/colleges and for low/high volume applications.




Megger PAT120 PAT Tester

7. Megger PAT120

The Megger PAT120 functions as both a PAT checker and PAT tester, ideal for low volume applications, such as in shops and offices. It is compact, built into its own protective casing, and its backlit LCD display is scratch proof, making it suitable for use in rugged environments.




Martindale EasyPAT 1600 PAT Tester

8. Martindale EasyPAT 1600

This robust PAT checker is built inside a protective carrying case. It can perform basic PAT checks and is suited to low volume applications, making it ideal for electrical contractors and beginners. It is particularly suitable for testing IT appliances.




Seaward Apollo 500 PAT Tester

9. Seaward Apollo 500+

Optimised for conducting extensive tests on portable appliances. Its large memory (capacity to store up to 10,000 records) makes it particularly well suited to high volumes of PAT testing.




Kewtech KT72 PAT Tester

10. Kewtech KT72

Designed for basic checks, the KT72 runs on batteries and is ideal for porting around offices, shops and other locations. The tester uses a combination of LED indicators to show test status as PASS/FAIL and also shows full test results!

Note: This product is being superseded by the Kewtech EZYPAT range and will eventually be discontinued.  




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