PAT Testing for Charities

Most charity shops are delighted to take a range of unwanted electrical items, as long as they are clean and undamaged. If you are unsure about the relevant guidance regarding the retail of these well-selling goods, we are happy to give you advice:

Charity retailers should be aware that they are responsible for ensuring the appliances still meet the safety requirement and are safe to use. Electrical goods used on charity events or in the charity shops are also not the exception of that requirement.

According to the guidance, appliances must be checked by a competent person, who is entitled to carry out PAT testing to ensure that all the electrical appliances are safe for regular use.

If you don`t want to turn down the donated electrical appliances such as kettles, fridges, TVs or washing machines better to have a competent person in the shop to carry out the PAT test. Therefore, it is becoming practice now that charity shops train some of their volunteer shop assistants to carry out visual examinations and PAT test of the donated electrical appliances. This practice significantly shortens the time to resell the electrical products, as after having a quick check the devices go straight on sale.
For this reason, it is a great way to save considerable time and money by reducing the cost of having an external contractor coming to carry out the pat testing.

Our PAT kits are the best investment to get the most for your money. PAT Testing Training DVD & Exam is included in each kit besides all the accessories which you need to carry out the PAT Testing on your own.

Check out the range of PAT Testing Kits which are suitable for charity shop applications, and if you have any further questions or you need any assistance we are happy to help you. You can reach us on 01642 987 976 phone number or you can send an email to