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About Printers

A printer is a handy item of equipment for any PAT tester wanting to print labels themselves. It can be a great way of keeping your kit well stocked.

Printers also help you save yourself time having to reorder pre-printed labels. Having your own printer means you can just print more whenever you need to, no waiting for pre-printed labels to be delivered.

There are a number of different types of printer available from varying manufacturers including Seaward’s Test n Tag, Fluke’s SP1000 and SP6000, and Megger’s pass/fail USB printer. All of these types of printer are compatible with certain products from the same manufacturers.

If you want a label printer to print your own barcodes and labels, we recommend always checking that the printer is compatible with your existing equipment. To find out if the printer you like is compatible, visit the product page for details or contact the team on 0845 365 39 40 for help if you are unsure.

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