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When PAT testing, some appliances need to be tested with special adapters - or leads - otherwise you'll get incorrect readings.

One such example is testing IT equipment such as laptop power supplies. To perform these tests, you'l need a cloverleaf adapter and a PAT tester with IT compatibility (most modern testers are suitable for this purpose).

In a similar manner, appliances used in factories powered by higher voltages or specific 110V equipment designed for safe use on construction sites must be tested with the correct lead to ensure the connection is safe and the PAT test itself is accurate.

Here at PATTesters, we stock literally every lead you'll need for performing testing in any environment. Whether you're looking for an individual connector or a comprehensive bundle which includes several different adaptors, you'll find absolutely everything you need right here.

Not quite sure which lead you need? Give one our professional PAT testing team a call and they'll be able to help you out. You can also get in touch by filling in our contact form or by using our dedicated live chat service.

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