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About Socket Testers

A socket tester for electrical plug sockets can help speed up your testing time as they can quickly and effectively check the functionality of a socket.

In the PAT testing industry, many engineers purchase these to help them quickly and easily test extension lead sockets. By simply inserting the socket tester and following the instructions, the plug checker will tell you whether that socket is working correctly.

There are a wide range of models from many different manufacturers and at varying prices. However, many of your favourite manufacturers have models of socket tester including Kewtech, Martindale, Socket and See, Megger, Fluke, Metrel and Di-Log. PASS also produce a socket tester at a reasonable price.

We recommend checking the specifications of the different ones before committing as some have different features and functionality. If you would like help deciding or just have some questions about socket testers in general, contact us and we’ll help answer your questions.

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