Robin Amprobe PAT Testers

About Robin Amprobe PAT Testers

Robin Amprobe started as two separate companies. Robin is a well known manufacturer of electrical test equipment in the UK whereas Amprobe is one of the most well known test equipment manufacturers in America and Germany. Now as one company, Robin Amproble produce a range of equipment designed to make Electrician’s lives easier.

They offer a wide range of products for sale in the UK including; electrical test equipment, multimeters, current clamps, cable locators, installation testers, machinery testers, power quality test tools and, temperature and environment equipment.

Their products are specifically designed to be used in the UK market and bring the well known name of Robin to the Amprobe brand to create a new test equipment manufacturer.

Their flagship PAT tester is a lightweight, easy use machine which can be used by both industry beginners and professionals, and comes in handy compact size.

For more information on this Robin Amprobe tester, follow the link below to get detailed information on the testers capabilities and features, and to see a list of available kit options and what’s included.

Robin Amprobe PAT Testers

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