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About Accessory Bundles

Accessory bundles are available in package deals and include a range of the most essential items. These bundles are great for getting a number of different accessories in one handy package at a great price.

Each bundle includes different accessories for different requirements. Your individual circumstances and needs will determine which bundle you choose. However, all bundles are great value and include the most popular products available.

Bundle one includes things like labels, a leakage detector, a cloverleaf adaptor, a socket tester, a certificate pad and a seven piece screwdriver set.
Bundle two includes things like labels, mark and seal labels, cable wraps, the PAT training DVD, the PAT Handbook, a cloverleaf adaptor and a socket tester.

Each bundle has particular accessories and you should choose the one with the accessories most suitable for your needs.  

For further details of any of the accessory bundles, select one of the options below for an exact list of what’s included with each one.

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