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About Martindale PAT Testers

Martindale Electric was founded in 1928 and as well as trading under this name they also own Edgcumbe Instruments, Metrohm products and John Drummond Engineers.

Martindale are a British owned company and produce products for Electricians and Engineers. Their range of equipment varies and includes a number of different products useful for those in the industry including; 17th Edition equipment, cable detectors, clamp meters, continuity testers, multimeters, fuse finders, proving devices, phase rotation, PAT testers, and many more.

They pride themselves on pioneering new ideas and techniques and have successfully brought to market a number of new ideas and products including the first socket tester, the first safety insulation tester, the first self proving non-contact voltage indicator, the first value fuse finder, the first non battery, trip and test button loop tester, the first handheld insulation tester with polarisation index, the first advanced socket tester and the smallest and lightest handheld PAT tester.

 Each of Martindale’s PAT test equipment products have been designed to aid and help Technicians carry out their job role in the most simple and straightforward way. With a few different levels of tester available, choice of machine depends entirely on individual circumstances and whether Technicians prefer a simple easy to use machine or a larger more advanced machine with extra features and functionality.

For detailed information on each of the testers Martindale have to offer, select one of the options below where detailed descriptions and various kit options are available.

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