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About UNI-T PAT Testers

UNI-T are a fairly new company to the PAT test industry but in that time have been making a name for themselves.

They are one of the leading manufacturers in Asia and China and their main head office is based in China. However, they are now in over 90 countries around the world and are rapidly becoming well known in the test equipment market.

In China they dominate the market, with more than one third of the market share in test equipment. They have also held the number one spot for choice of test meter for five years running.

UNI-T are committed to developing new technology and design through research and development. They have a dedicated design team in Shanghai, Chengdu and Dongguan to help develop test instruments and create new ideas and features.

Besides their PAT testers, the company produces a wide range of products including: multimeters, socket testers, voltage detectors, insulation resistance testers, clamp meters, earth testers, ammeters, oscilloscopes and many others.

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