PAT Test Labels

All electrical appliances and equipment tested must be clearly identifiable and clearly show that testing has been carried out. The use of PAT test labels is the easiest way to achieve this as they clearly highlight a pass or fail result.

Labels can contain unique identification codes and display some or all of the following information, pass or fail results, test or retest date, fuse ratings, engineers initials and company name or logo. This information enables equipment to be easily identified even amongst vast amounts of items the same.

Types of PAT Testing Labels

There are many different labels and all are required for different applications. Modern PAT testers can often read barcode labels and the use of this technology allows the technicians to see the appliances test history and this digital data removes the need for laborious writing of information by hand as all the information is stored digitally.

Straight forward pass and fail labels are printed on durable vinyl with a strong adhesive and cannot be accidentally removed. They are used to clearly highlight the pass/fail status of the appliance and are colour coded red/green to emphasise this.

Mark and seal labels have been designed for areas that may come into contact with water; they have a clear adhesive seal for protecting the text when in contact with water.

Quick pass PAT labels are easy to use and have been designed to be fast. They only require two ticks to fill in and can save money compared with the cost of pre-printed labels. These are ideal for people with lots of tests to carry out.

Microwave leakage labels are designed for measuring microwave emissions leakage. They come in a vibrant orange colour making them clearly identifiable and are made from a durable white vinyl with adhesive backing.

These PAT testing labels are only a small selection of those on the site. Look up the PAT testing labels section for further information.

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