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PAT testing books are arguably one of the most essential accessories available. With detailed information on all aspects of the industry, regulations and best practice guides, PAT testing publications are something every PAT Technician should consider purchasing.

There are a number of publications available but we feel that one of the best guides is the Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing which contains a wealth of useful information on the industry and how to carry out testing procedures: if you want examples or to check some information regarding PAT testing, this book is for you.

However, maybe you are more interested in how to use your PAT testing skills to start and run your own PAT business working for yourself, in this case you should look at the Starting and Running a PAT Testing Business guide, written by Seggy T Segaran, which covers all aspects of starting a company and what considerations are needed to go about it.

Perhaps you want a copy of the IET Code of Practice. This publication is the essential book for anyone in the industry and covers all aspects of the law regarding testing procedure and electrical appliances. All PAT Technicians who don’t already have a copy should consider purchasing one as it will prove invaluable in some situations.

For further information on any of the available publications, visit the product pages where you will find details of the chapters and information included in each publication.

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