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About Kewtech PAT Testers

Kewtech was established in the UK in 2004 by some of the Directors and staff from Robin Electronics.  Robin Electronics have a reputation for excellent products and this is a philosophy Kewtech have adopted.

Kewtech aim to produce accurate and reliable test equipment for Electrical Contractors in the UK and all equipment from Kewtech is specifically designed for the UK market.

Kewtech work by the following philosophies:

  • Accurate, reliable and easy to use products
  • Products designed to save time and money
  • Support and partnership with distributors
  • Products used by a great percentage of the contracting industry
  • Design products specifically for the UK

Kewtech produce a number of different types of equipment and devices for professionals in the industry including multifunction testers, insulation and continuity equipment, environmental meters, loop impedance equipment, multimeters, earth leakage and earth resistance equipment, clamp meters, PAT test equipment and many more.

Kewtech’s PAT testers are varied in functionality and features. Each come with the Kewtech design of a rugged exterior and ability to perform all required tests simply. The higher level models come with advanced functionality.

For further information on each of the PAT testers available in the Kewtech range, take a look at the information below and select one you are most interested in. Each of the Kewtech range of testers come with kit options for you to choose the ideal one for your individual testing needs.