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Megger PAT410 PAT Tester

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  • 110V Adapter + Logbook + 1,000 Labels (500 Pass, 250 Cord & 250 Fail) (PATBUNDLE)
    PAT Accessory Bundle
  • PAT Handbook, Logbook, 500 Pass / 250 Fail Labels
    PAT Handbook + Logbook + 750 Labels (500 Pass & 250 Fail) (PATBUNDLE3)
  • PAT Handbook + Logbook + 750 Labels (500 Pass & 250 Fail) (PATBUNDLE3)
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The entry-level tester in Megger's PAT400 series, the PAT410 is great for testing 230V appliances (no 110V operation included) and includes large-size, 10000 record memory for use in applications with a large amount of appliances to test.

Whether you're a specialist PAT testing organisation, electrical contractor, work in maintenance or in any environment ranging from cinemas to colleges and schools, the PAT410 is ideal for PAT testing your appliances. It performs all basic PAT checks, including earth bond and continuity testing at 200mA, 250/500V insulation tests and substitute, differential and touch current testing. It can also perform earth bond, insulation and polarity tests on extension leads and includes a dedicated portable RCD testing function.

The PAT410 has a large size, 5.7" VGA backlit full colour screen for easier reading of results, a full QWERTY keyboard for quick data entry and 10000 record on-board storage for recalling testing results. This data can be ported into a PC directly using a memory stick and Megger's Powersuite software (sold separately).

To help with speeding up testing the PAT410 has built-in automatic testing routines which will cycle through applicable tests. Users can also adjust the testing time and select pass limits as needed to cater for different appliances and to take full control of readings if the automatic mode isn't suitable.

Megger PAT410 Downloadable PAT Tester Key Features

  • Suitable for testing appliances with 230V supply
  • Earth bond and continuity testing at 200mA with bond lead null
  • Insulation testing at 250 and 500V
  • Alternative leakage tests - substitute, differential and touch current
  • VA measurements
  • Extension lead tests - earth bond, insulation, polarity and portable RCD
  • Lightweight design
  • Auto testing procedures
  • Manual testing procedures
  • Fuse check function
  • Colour display
  • Configurable test times
  • Selectable pass limits
  • Lead storage pouch
  • Fully downloadable memory - store up to 10000 records directly on the tester
  • USB connector
  • Compatible with Megger's PowerSuite software (sold separately)

What's Included?

  • Megger PAT410 Downloadable PAT Tester
  • Printed Quick Start Guide
  • Full User Guide on CD
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Continuity/Earth Bond Lead + Probe (Black)
  • Extension Lead Adaptor (13A)
  • Carrying Case
  • Plug Adaptor (IEC C6 - C13)
  • Screen Protector

Megger PAT410 Bundle Offers

If you're PAT testing, you'll need labels, connectors and more to do it effectively. If you're using a downloadable PAT tester like the PAT410, you'll probably need Megger's software and other items too to take full control over your results.

Thankfully our exclusive PAT kits come with everything you'll need for PAT testing for a massively reduced price! Interested? This table breaks down our PAT410 offers.

Item   PAT Essentials Kit (Bundle 1)PAT Business Kit (Bundle 2)
PAT Premium Kit (Bundle 3)PAT Elite Printer Kit (Bundle 4)

UNI-T UT07A Socket Tester

Need to check if your sockets are working right? Just plug this in to a standard UK plug socket and if there's a problem, the socket tester will let you know about it!

(socket tester may vary depending on current stock)

 Yes  Yes Yes Yes

CK Tools AV05050 Screwdriver Set

This bundle pack includes a set of 5 fully insulated electrical screwdrivers which are suitable for live electrical work to 1000V

Yes Yes Yes  Yes

PAT Testing Training DVD + Online Examination for 1 Person

Not trained to perform PAT testing? With our training DVD, you can learn from your workplace or at home how to PAT test!

The course is based on our own full, tutor-lead PAT Competency Course and includes access to our online examination for 1 person.

Yes Yes Yes  Yes

PASS PAT Testing Handbook

A comprehensive, extremely detailed guidebook with useful information, diagrams, pictures and case studies related to PAT testing.

The book breaks down everything from requirements to actually performing testing and is an essential for any PAT tester

Yes Yes Yes  Yes

Microwave Leakage Detector

It's common practice to check microwave radiation levels while you're PAT testing - use this portable, easy-to-use microwave leakage detector to do so

Yes Yes Yes  Yes

IEC Adapter Set

A special bundle pack with three IEC adapters, allowing you to use your PAT tester with various types of IEC cables and power supplies

Yes Yes Yes  Yes

110V Adapter Set

Use these two 110V connector leads to connect your PAT tester to 110V equipment commonly found on construction sites and similar applications

Yes Yes Yes  Yes

Passed PAT Testing Labels

A PAT essential! We include two 500 label rolls in your purchase, ensuring you have everything you need for labelling appliances after testing

Yes, 1000x Yes, 1000x Yes, 1000x  Yes, 500x

1000 x Circular Passed PAT Labels

Uniquely-designed passed PAT testing labels with circular design - ideal for smaller plugs or appliances where you can't easily fit other labels

Yes, 500x Yes, 1000x Yes, 1000x  Yes, 500x

500 x PAT Testing Cable Wrap Labels

These labels wrap around cables, and are great for labelling appliance power leads where you can't fix a suitable label

Yes, 500x Yes, 500x Yes, 500x  Yes, 500x

500 x Failed PAT Testing Labels

You won't need these very often, but if an appliance ever fails testing you should place one of these labels and take it out of use for repair or replacement

Yes, 500x Yes, 500x Yes, 500x  Yes, 500x

Visual Inspection Labels

You should check your appliances over for obvious signs of damage before testing. Look for frayed wires, loose connection and damaged plugs, then place one of these labels on if the appliance passes

No Yes Yes  Yes

Powersuite SoftwareMegger Powersuite Contractor Software

Use Megger's software alongside your PAT tester to download your results to PC and keep a database of all of your findings

No Yes Yes  Yes

PASSPTA27 Barcode ScannerBarcode Scanner

This Bluetooth/USB barcode scanner is great for speeding up your record keeping by using your Megger PAT tester and barcode labels

No No Yes  Yes

Barcode Labels

Pair these up with your Bluetooth barcode scanner and quickly recall your previous records, or make new records, using your Apollo series PAT tester

No No Yes, 2000x  Yes, 1000x

Brother PrinterBrother Printer and Printer Cartridge

Create customised labels when out testing with this portable printer and cartridge pack!

 No  No No  Yes
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Part Code1000-745

Megger PAT410 Technical Specifications

Electrical Supply Range 230V ±10 @ 50/60Hz
Continuity Test (200mA)  
Continuity Test Voltage 9V AC ± 10% ± 0.1V
(supply: 230V 50Hz)
Continuity Resistance Accuracy ±5% ± 3 digits (0 to 0.49Ω)
±5% ± 5 digits (0.5 to 0.99Ω)
Continuity Resistance Resolution 10mΩ (1 to 19.99Ω)
Display Range 0 to 19.99Ω
Insulation Test (250V and 500V)  
Insulation Resistance Accuracy (230V) ±2% ±5 digits (0 to 19.99MΩ)
±5% ± 10 digits (20 to 99.99MΩ)
Insulation Resistance Resolution 0.01MΩ
Display Range 0 to 99.99MΩ
Substitute Leakage Test  
Test Voltage and Frequency 40V AC ±10% nominal mains frequency
Leakage Current Accuracy ±5% ± 5 digits
Leakage Current Resolution 0.01mA
Display Range 0 to 19.99mA
Differential Leakage Current  
Test Voltage Nominal mains 110/230V AC
Test Frequency Nominal mains 50/60Hz
Differential Leakage Current Accuracy ±5% ± 0.05mA (1.0mA to 9.99mA)
±5% ± 0.1mA (0.1mA to 0.99mA)
Resolution 0.01mA
Display/Measurement Range 0.10mA to 19.99mA
Test Duration User-selectable from 1 sec
10 sec to infinity
Touch Current Test  
Test Voltage and Frequency Nominal mains supply
Touch Current Accuracy ±5% ± 5 digits
Touch Current Resolution 0.01mA
Display 0 to 10mA
Operational Test  
Test Voltage and Frequency Nominal mains supply
VA Rating 230V 3700VA
110V 1800VA
VA Accuracy ±5% ± 10 digits (0 to 99VA)
±5% ± 50 digits (100VA to 999VA)
±5% ± 100 digits (1000VA to 3700VA)
Resolution 1VA (0 to 3700VA)
Display Range 0 to 3990VA
Extension Lead Test  
Tests Performed Bond, insulation and polarity
Polarity Test Voltage 12V
Polarity checks Lead ok
Live neutral S/C
Live neutral reversed
Live/neutral O/C
Portable RCD Test  
Test Voltage and Frequency Nominal mains supply
Test Current Accuracy -8% to -2% (1/2 x I)
+2 to +8% (1 x I, 5 x I)
Trip Time Accuracy ±1% ± 5 digits
Trip Time Resolution 0.1ms
Display Range 0 to 1999ms (1/2 x I)
0 to 300ms (1 x I)
0 to 40ms (5 x I)
Fuse Test  
Test Voltage 3.3V
Warning Audible beep if fuse is OK
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C
Storage Temperature -20 to 60°C
Humidity 90% RH @ -10 to 30°C
75% RH @ +30 to 50°C
Maximum Altitude 2000m
Ingress Protection IP40
Weight 2.7kg
Dimensions 145 (H) x 255 (W) x 320mm (L)
Safety IEC 61010-1: CAT II 300V
EMC IEC 61326-1: 2006
IEC 61326-2-2: 2005
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