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First Stop Safety MemoryPAT PAT Tester

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  • Upgraded version of the BattPAT with fully downloadable memory

  • Ideal for managing testing records on PC

  • Displays both full testing readings and PASS/FAIL indicators

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First Stop Safety MemoryPAT PAT Tester Kit

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  • PAT Label Pack - 1000 x Passed, 250 x Failed & 500 x Cable Wrap Labels
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  • Description

First Stop Safety MemoryPAT PAT Tester Details

The MemoryPAT is an easy-to-use portable appliance tester with built-in memory for storage of testing results.

Designed with user friendliness in mind, the MemoryPAT is a mid-range PAT testing instrument designed to make the process of testing and storing information as simple as possible.

Ideal for any PAT testing professional ranging from complete novices to established time-served technicians, the MemoryPAT allows storage of up to 2000 individual testing records directly onto the instrument's built in memory, making it easy to catalogue information on appliance assets and speeds up your testing time as you're not spending a significant amount of time jotting down testing results. Direct download of this information is also possible using a free download utility available from First Stop Safety.

The MemoryPAT can be relied on to be used on whatever you need to test as it is suitable for use on both class I and II appliances, power cords and extension leads up to 50m in length. The tester performs all necessary testing procedures to ensure an appliance is correctly operating including earth continuity, insulation resistance and wiring testing and specific testing procedures for IEC leads and mains sockets. Testing results are shown both as PASS/FAIL values and a full testing reading is also shown on the instrument's built-in screen.

Out and about while PAT testing? The MemoryPAT runs on rechargeable batteries that give you on average 500 tests per charge! Ideal for a hard day's PAT testing.

MemoryPAT Key Features

  • Power ON test checks that the appliance is switched ON
  • Long lead button going up in 5 metre steps upto 50 metres
  • Insulation testing at 500V and 250V for surge protected appliances
  • Test results shown on a large attractive display
  • Storage of 2000 results in memory with easy recall
  • Download to PC

The MemoryPAT Comes With:

  • First Stop Safety MemoryPAT PAT Tester
  • USB Lead and Mains Adapter
  • Test Lead
  • Short IEC Lead
  • User Manual
  • Equipment Register Form
  • Test Record Form
  • 100 x Tested, 5 x Failed and 50 x Fuse Labels
  • MemoryPAT Downloader Software Package

MemoryPAT Bundle Offers

Save hundreds on buying a MemoryPAT kit, available exclusively from All of our kits are bundled together with accessories essential for PAT testing including labels, logbook, specific adapters, carrying cases, software and more.

Take a look at the table below to easily compare our kit options for the MemoryPAT PAT tester:

MemoryPAT Bundle Offers

Interested in a MemoryPAT? In addition to this standard bundle package we also stock a selection of exclusive packages that include additional items that are essential for any practising PAT tester.

Items shipped in our bundle packages include more labels, logbooks, microwave leakage detectors, software packages, fuse packs and even training DVDs.

Items Included  Image Item Description
Bundle 1
Bundle 2

Failed PAT Testing Labels
You'll need these every time an appliance fails a test. You should apply one of these and immediately remove the appliance from service and either replace or repair it.  Includes 50 labels Includes 50 labels

Cable Wrap PAT Labels
Cable wrap PAT labels are ideal for use with power cords and wires. These labels wrap directly around the wire and remain fixed in place. - -
Passed PAT Labels
You'll be using these all of the time as you pass appliances. Includes space for writing the tester's name, an appliance ID and more information. Includes 500 labels Includes 500 labels
PAT Testing Logbook

Keep a log of all your results with this handy book. Please note that the make/model of logbook supplied may vary depending on current stock.  √    √
 Microwave Leakage Detector   Test that microwave ovens are not giving off high levels of radiation with this detector! Make/model may vary depending on stock. √  √ 
 2 x 13A Plugs   Handy set of two replacement plugs which can be used to rewire old faulty plugs etc.  √  √
 Fuse Pack    This set of replacement fuses includes 10 x 13A fuses, 5 x 5A fuses and 5 x 3A fuses.   √   √
 IEC Adapter Kit   You'll need these adapters to connect your PAT tester to various types of IT equipment, plus IT power leads.
  √  √ 
 PAT Testing Training DVD + Online Exam
  The easiest way to learn how to PAT test! Fully accredited training programme with access to online exam for one person.
 Socket Tester
  Plug this into a standard UK  wall socket and it'll let you know if there's a problem! item supplied may vary depending on stock.
 Deluxe Carrying Case
  Keep all of your PAT test equipment safe in this briefcase-style case! Appearance may vary depending on stock.

SimplyPATs Manual Entry Software
  Keep a comprehensive database of your PAT records by entering them manually into this software!
Questions?Do you have a question about this product? Call our customer service team on 01642 631685.
  • Technical Specs

MemoryPAT Technical Specifications

Earth Continuity Test
Current 150mA
O.C. Voltage 8 to 10V
Tolerance 5% + 20MΩ
Fail Threshold (based on user selected lead length)
1 m >0.1 ohms Default
5 m >0.2 ohms
10 m >0.3 ohms
15 m >0.4 ohms
20 m >0.5 ohms
25 m >0.6 ohms
30 m >0.7 ohms
35 m >0.8 ohms
40 m >0.9 ohms
45 m >1.0 ohms
50 m >1.1 ohms
Insulation Test
Test Voltage 500V +/- 10% into 0.5 Mohm
Test Voltage 250V +/- 10% into 0.5 Mohm
Tolerance 5% + 0.1
 Fail Threshold Class I  <1MΩ
 Fail Threshold Class II  <2MΩ
Polarity Test
Test Voltage 30V DC
Tests Live, Neutral Open Circuit
Live to Neutral Short
Power On Test
Test Voltage 40V rms
Resistance On if <10kΩ
Battery & Charging
Battery 9V, 600mAh
7 x AAA NiMH Cells
Life >500 Operations
Fast Charge Up to 200mA until 9V
Trickle Charge 70mA for 12 Hours
Charger DC 5V, 1000mA
Height 45mm
Width 325mm
Depth 130mm
Weight 1.1Kg
Questions?Do you have a question about this product? Call our customer service team on 01642 631685.
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