To PAT test you have to be a "Competent" person.  There is a definition of a competent person on page 13 of the IEE Code of Practice 3rd edition as follows:

  • Adequate knowledge of electricity.
  • Adequate experience of electrical work.
  • Adequate understanding of the system to be worked on and practical experience of that class of system.
  • Understanding the hazards that may arise during the work and the precautions that need to be taken, or
  • The ability to recognise at all times whether it is safe for work to continue.

The Code of Practice also refers to Regulation 16 of the Electricity at Work Regulations and the guidance included in HSE publication HSR 25.

To demonstrate "Competency" you would normally undertake a PAT Training course of instruction given by someone who is qualified as an instructor as well as in PAT testing, sit a test and be assessed by that person as competent during a practical session