Although the problem isn't as common as it once was, some PAT testers have a serial port rather than a USB port. As serial connection isn't really that common on modern computing, this can lead to an issue with connecting your downloadable PAT to your PC.

The solution? Buy a serial to USB connector lead. Plug one end into your PAT tester, the other into your PC and you'll be able to download your info!

Don't just go buy any lead though! Not all serial to USB connectors are suitable for use with PAT testers. Many testers use their own non-standard RS232 connection, which means that a lead might not work.

Thankfully, we can supply one that does. Our USB to RS232 Serial Lead is perfect for use with any downloadable PAT tester.

As an extra tip - don't plug the lead into your computer until you've loaded the software drivers from your PAT manufacturer's CD (it might not work otherwise!).