The main methods of recording are using a paper based ‘Portable Appliance Register’ which requires manual input, a spreadsheet format which will also require a manual input, or an electronic database which can provide a range of PAT testing reports and supports an automatic download facility.

There are commercial Portable Appliance Registers such as the Kewtech PATLOG 1. There are also a number of commercial electronic databases on the market such as Simply Pats or the Seaward PATGuard Pro’ or Elite.

Testers Currently Downloading to Simply Pats

  • Seaward Supernova + Seaward Europa +
  • Seaward Supernova Seaward Europa
  • Metrel Alpha Pat Metrel Alpha Pat (Aus/NZ)
  • Fluke 6500 Seaward 2000i
  • Megger PAT4 DV3 Robin 5500/5000
  • Kewtech KT74/KT75 Metrel Betapat (Aus/NZ)
  • Transmille 6080 Martindale Micropat +
  • TRIO Smartcal Pro Logger II Metrel Omega Pat+/Beta Pat +
  • Metrel Beta Pat+/Omega Pat + (Aus/NZ)

Testers Currently Downloading to Seaward PATGuard Pro’ & Elite.

  • PT 350 PT 300
  • Supernova + Supernova XE +
  • Supernova XE Supernova
  • Europa + Europa PAC +
  • Europa XE+ Europa XE
  • IT1000 PAT2000i
  • PAT2000iee PAT1000S
  • PAT1000X PAT2000
  • PAT1000 SEN60204
  • Ethos 9600 Ethos9500
  • Ethos9300 Clare HAL
  • Clare Safe Check 8 Clare Safetest Luminaire.
  • Clare Safetest Manufacturing MPAT 60
  • Robin SmartPat 5000/5500 Metrohm Micro Pat +
  • Metrel Omega Pat Metrel Beta Pat
  • AVO Pat 4 Emona Mistro