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Top 10 PAT Tester FAQs

PAT Testing FAQs are one of the most important parts of the PAT Testers website. With 1,000s of monthly views and ratings it has become an invaluable source of popular and bizarre PAT Testing questions answered by our PAT Testing experts. We’ve answered questions about PAT testing equipment to situational FAQs such as how to PAT test in schools and offices.

1. How Do I PAT Test Computer Equipment?

IT equipment must be treated carefully when PAT testing. Follow these rules to make sure you don’t damage your equipment.

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2. How Do I PAT Test A Kettle?

To test a kettle you perform the following tests; Visual, Earth Bond, Insulation at 500 Volts DC and Leakage

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3. How Are Extension Leads PAT Tested?

Testing extension leads can be quite simple following a few basic steps and having the right PAT Tester settings.

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4. How Do I Choose A PAT Tester? | What PAT Tester Is Best?

Being able to pick the ideal PAT machine can be tricky if you have only just learned to portable appliance test or have been PAT testing for a while and need to replace your ancient PAT test equipment.

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5. Do I need insurance in order to PAT test electrical equiptment?

To be a PAT Tester you need to be insured. This FAQ outlines this in more detail.

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6. What Do I Need To Test 110V Appliances?

Testing 110Volt equipment will depend on your tester and this PAT FAQ will outline the facts of this.

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7. How Do I Become A Competent PAT Tester?

Page 13 of the IEE Code of Practice defines competency as “A person possessing sufficient knowledge or experience to be capable of ensuring that injury is prevented.

Visit our dedicated pat testing course site for more info on the training and sample videos from our DVD.

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8. How Do I PAT Test Microwave Ovens?

There is a variety of tests that have to be performed with PAT Testing Microwaves, this FAQ outlines them.

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9. Do I Need To Flash Test?

This FAQ outlines whether you really need to do a 'flash test' in modern PAT Testing.

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10. Do I Have To Test Laptops Differently To IT Equipment?

Essentially YES!

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