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What Is Meant By A Visual Check?

A ‘Visual check’, test or inspection is performed periodically checking the cover and casing, power cord or lead and plug. The visual test must be recorded and the suggested frequency of testing is on page 34 table 7.1 of the IEE Code of Practice 3rd edition.  A summary of the checks is as follows:

  1. Cover and case: Free from cracks, chemical or corrosion damage to the case, or damage that could result in access to live parts.
  2. Cable: Is it in good condition, free from cuts, fraying and damage.
  3. Plug: Is it free from cracks or damage, free from any sign of overheating and is the cable secure in its anchorage.
    The fuse should also be checked. A more detailed list is on page 64 Table 13.1 and page 72 section 15.1 of the IEE Code of Practice.