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Metrel OmegaPAT Plus MI 3305 PAT Tester


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Perform your tests quickly and easily, store your data, download it to PC and much more with the Metrel OmegaPAT!

Sick of tests taking a long time? With the OmegaPAT's 110 built-in autosequences, you can simply connect an appliance, press a few buttons and the tester will do the rest! It'll automatically cycle through applicable tests for the connected appliance, detect if an appliance has passed/failed and store all of the data on its built-in memory.

Suitable for use with both 110V and 230V appliances, the OmegaPAT can perform hard and soft earth bond tests, 250/500V insulation tests, differential/touch/substitute leakage current tests, load tests, fuse tests, polarity tests and includes flash testing capabilites for testing specific equipment in workshops etc.

The OmegaPAT is ideal for both single users and PAT companies. It features the ability to enter multiple users and locations, including the name of the user, the building in which the instrument was tested and other things such as room information alongside testing results.

Metrel MI 3305 OmegaPAT Plus PAT Tester Key Features

  • Autosequencing - 110 built-in automatic sequences significantly speed up testing and ensure nothing is missed
  • Automated - automatic testing with PASS/FAIL evaluation in accordance with the IET Code of Practice
  • RCD testing function - capable of testing the trip times of portable RCDs
  • Project upload - upload previous testing information for easy repeat testing (requires PRO Plus software, sold separately)
  • Optional barcode compatibility
  • Flash test - dielectric strength test after repair safety testing
  • Compatible with both 110V and 230V appliances
  • Large-size LCD screen
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Help screens and warning guide when connecting an appliance
  • Hard and soft earth bond testing
  • 250/500V insulation testing
  • Differential, substitute and touch leakage testing
  • Fuse testing
  • Load testing
  • Polarity testing
  • Configurable user profiles - set the name of the user, the building the appliance is in and more
  • Downloadable memory - 1100 memory locations with download to PC
  • Intelligent design - automatically selects hard or soft tests to minimise damage to appliances
  • Clamp leakage current measurements - saves time by enabling quick measurements with current clamps directly on power supply cable

What's Included?

  • Metrel MI 3305 OmegaPAT Plus PAT Tester
  • Earth Bond Cable
  • PRCD Cable
  • Flash Cable
  • PC SW PATLink Pro Software
  • RS232 Download Cable
  • USB Download Cable
  • 2 x Croc Clips
  • 2 x Test Probes
  • 2 x Test Leads
  • Instruction Manual
  • Manufacturer's Calibration Certificate

OmegaPAT Kits

Get an OmegaPAT, all standard accessories and much more in our exclusive bundle packs!

This table outlines exactly what's included in each kit.

Item Bundle 1 Bundle 2
Failed Labels 50 50
Cable Wrap Labels - 500
Passed Labels 500 500
PAT Testing Logbook
Microwave Leakage Detector + 3 Labels
2 x 13A Plugs
Fuse Pack (10 x 13A, 5 x 5A and 5 x 3A)
3 x Adapters (for testing IT/AV equipment)
PAT Testing Training DVD with Online Exam
Socket Tester
110V 3 Pin Socket to 240V IEC Lead (16A)
Barcode Scanner - √ + 200 labels
Metrel A1276 Printer and 2 Label Rolls - -
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