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Metrel MI 3310 25A SigmaPAT PAT Tester

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  • Built-in storage of 6000 records

  • QWERTY keyboard and graphical display

  • Performs large array of tests

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Metrel MI 3310 25A SigmaPAT PAT Tester

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  • PAT Handbook, Logbook, Cloverleaf & 500 Pass / 250 Fail Labels
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  • Description

Metrel MI 3310 25A SigmaPAT PAT Tester Details

Downloadable and reliable, the SigmaPAT is great for testing a large number of appliances.

The SigmaPAT is designed to perform every necessary PAT test, including earth bond and continuity resistance at 200mA, insulation resistance, substitute, touch and differential leakage current, IEC cord polarity, TRMS load current, portable RCD, normal RCD and general functionality tests.

Want to speed up your testing? The SigmaPAT is equipped with autosequences which will automatically cycle through applicable testing procedures for a connected appliance. This data can then be stored in the SigmaPAT's memory and downloaded to PC via USB or RS232 connection (software included as standard).

Metrel's SigmaPAT is equipped with a USB port and two RS232 ports. This allows connection to a PC and simultaneous connection to a barcode scanner for quicker scanning of appliance data and also a connection to a printer (barcode scanner and printer sold separately).

Metrel MI 3310 SigmaPAT PAT Tester Key Features

  • Earth bond and continuity resistance testing at 200mA 
  • Insulation resistance measurements (including of isolated accessible conductive parts)
  • Substitute leakage current testing (including of isolated accessible conductive parts)
  • Differential leakage current testing
  • Touch leakage current testing
  • IEC cord polarity tests
  • Leakage and TRMS load current testing using an optional current clamp
  • Portable RCD testing
  • RCD testing
  • Functional test
  • Innovative active polarity function for testing RCD-protected cords while voltage is applied to the tested item
  • Possible to perform fixed appliance testing
  • Built-in auto sequences with 50 custom sequences
  • Bluetooth communication with printers and barcode scanners (sold separately)
  • Can be powered either via the mains or via a battery
  • Support for RFID and barcoding system
  • Project uploading - upload previous test data for retesting applications
  • Trend functionality enables comparison of old and new test results on site
  • Large-size graphical LCD display with 230 x 120-pixel resolution (includes backlight)
  • Over 6000 memory locations
  • Three communication ports (1 x USB and 2 x RS232) for communication with PC, barcode scanner and printer
  • Soft touch keyboard with cursor keys
  • Built-in real-time clock
  • Compatible with Metrel's included software package, PATLink Pro

What's Included?

  • Metrel MI 3310 25A SigmaPAT PAT Tester
  • Small Soft Carrying Bag
  • Test Lead
  • Test Tip
  • PC Software (PATLink Pro)
  • RS232 Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Instruction Manual + Short Instruction Manual
  • Calibration Certificate
  • 6 x NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • IEC Test Cable
  • 16A Mains Cable

Metrel SigmaPAT Bundle Offers

If you're interested in the SigmaPAT, why not get one plus all the accessories you'll need at the same time?

Our exclusive bundle packs include a great amount of PAT accessories for a vastly reduced price - this table outlines the difference between each kit.

Item Bundle 1
Bundle 2 Bundle 3
Failed Labels 50 50 50
Cable Wrap Labels - 500 -
Passed Labels 500 500 500
Microwave Leakage Detector + 3 Labels
2 x 13A Plugs
Fuse Pack (10 x 13A, 5 x 5A, 5 x 3A Fuses)
3 x Adapters (for testing IT/AV equipment)
PAT Testing DVD with Online Exam
Socket Tester
Barcode Scanner - √ + 2000 labels
Metrel A1276 Printer + 2 Label Rolls - -
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  • Technical Specs

Metrel MI 3310 25A SigmaPAT Technical Specifications

Earth Bond Resistance Readout - test current set to 200mA    
Range Resolution Accuracy
0 to 1.99Ω 0.01Ω ±(5% of reading + 3 digits)
2 to 9.99Ω 0.01Ω ±10%
10 to 19.9Ω 0.1Ω ±10%
Insulation Resistance, Insulation - S Resistance (250V DC, 500V DC)    
Range Resolution Accuracy
0 to 0.5MΩ 0.001MΩ ±(10% of reading + 5 digits)
0.501 to 1.999MΩ 0.001MΩ ±(5% of reading + 3 digits
2 to 19.99MΩ 0.01MΩ
20 to 199.9MΩ 0.01MΩ
Differential Leakage Current (230V AC)    
Range Resolution Accuracy
0 to 19.99mA 0.01mA ±(5% of reading + 5 digits)
Touch Leakage Current (230V AC)    
Range Resolution Accuracy
0 to 3.99mA 0.01mA ±10% of reading + 5 digits
Subleakage Current, Subleakage - S current (40V AC)    
Range Resolution Accuracy
0 to 19.99mA 0.01mA ±(5% of reading + 5 digits)
Power/Functional Test (230V AC)    
Range Resoluton Accuracy
0 to 4kVA 0.01kVA ±(5% of reading + 3 digits)
Clamp Current    
Range Resolution Accuracy
0 to 9.99mA 0.01mA ±(5% of reading + 10 digits)
10 to 99.9mA 0.1mA ±(5% of reading + 5 digits)
100 to 999mA 1mA ±(5% of reading + 5 digits)
1A to 9.99A 0.01A ±(5% of reading + 5 digits)
10 to 24.9A 0.1A ±(5% of reading + 5 digits)
(P)RCD Testing - Single, Autotest (10mA, 15mA, 30mA)    
Range Resolution Accuracy
0 to 300mA (1/2 x IΔN) 1ms ±3ms
0 to 300ms (IΔN) 1ms
0 to 40ms (5 x IΔN) 1ms
General Specs    
Power Supply Voltage 9V DC (6 x 1.5V batteries or accu, size C) 230V AC
Operation 10h
Working Temperature Range 0 to 40°C
Maximum Relative Humidity 85% RH (0 to 40°C) non-condensing
Display 240 x 128 dot matrix display with backlight
Memory 6000 memory locations
Communication Ports 2 x RS232 (9pin D sub, female)
USB (connector type B)
Overvoltage Category CAT II / 300V
Protection Classification Double insulation
Protection Degree Case IP50 / Connectors IP 20
Dimensions (W x H x D) 31cm x 13cm x 25cm
Weight 5kg
Questions?Do you have a question about this product? Call our customer service team on 01642 631685.
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