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Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester

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  • Mains-powered PAT tester

  • Suitable for all basic PAT testing checks

  • Ideal for use in shops, small offices and anywhere with a small amount of appliances to test

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Kewtech Manual PAT Tester with Automatic Sequences - Mains Powered kit

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  • PAT Handbook + Logbook + 750 Labels (500 Pass & 250 Fail)
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  • 110V Adapter + Logbook + 1,000 Labels (500 Pass, 250 Cord & 250 Fail)
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Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester Details

*** Please note that this product has been discontinued. It has been replaced by the Kewtech KT72 PAT Tester, available here. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.***

Highly popular amongst all levels of PAT testing users, the KT71 is a mains powered portable appliance testing instrument that is easy to use and ideal for use on different appliance types.

Whether you're an in-house maintenance professional carrying out yearly PAT testing, an electrical contractor or a person recently qualified after a PAT training course, the KT71 is an ideal entry-level product for use in offices, industry, retail and many other applications. Test results are easy to understand thanks to a built-in LCD screen which shows a full testing value and LED indicators on the front of the tester give indication whether the appliance has passed or failed a test.

The KT71 is suitable for use on Class I and Class II appliances, test leads and includes a specific earth bond testing procedure for use on IT equipment. It can also perform another earth bond test at 20A, 250V/500V insulation testing, extension lead testing with polarity and can test 110V appliances for earth bond and insulation via the use of an applicable adapter (sold separately).

When switching to live testing (in leakage current mode) audible warnings are given that the appliance is about to come live. A double button press is also required to safeguard against inadvertent switching on of an appliance.

KT71 PAT Testing Procedures

Class I Test

The KT71 automatically cycles through applicable testing procedures for this mode, starting with an earth bond test at 200mA followed by a check to see if the appliance is currently switched on.

An insulation test at either 250V or 500V is then performed, with the option also available to carry out leakage testing also available (ensures compliance with the IET Code of Practice which states that a leakage current test must be carried out when insulation testing is not safe to perform).

Class I 20A test
Performs the sequence of an earth bond test at 20A, followed by a check to see whether the user has not forgotten to switch the instrument on, then an insulation test.

The Kewtech KT71 insulation test has a 250V or 500V option and the test sequence has an alternative of a leakage current test instead of the insulation test.

This corresponds to the IEE Code of Practice which supports a leakage test where insulation tests cannot be safely conducted or are suspect.

Class II Test
The Class II sequence tests whether the appliance is switched on and then runs an insulation test. A leakage current test (touch current test) can be conducted as an alternative.

Leakage Current (Touch Current) Test
The Leakage Current Test is conducted at mains voltage, a load test and a leakage test is undertaken and the results are shown alternatively on the Kewtech KT71's screen. (Testing at mains voltage gives superior results than instruments that perform this by subsequent leakage tests).

Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester Key Features

  • Portable, lightweight and ideal for testing on the move
  • 250V/500V insulation test operation
  • Suitable for testing class I, class II, cables, IT equipment and extension leads
  • Run/leakage testing at 230V
  • Easy to use rotary dial makes selecting a test simple
  • Automatically configured testing sequences
  • Class I IT 200mA earth bond testing
  • Class I 20A earth bond testing
  • Class II appliance testing
  • Memory for test lead resistance compensation
  • LED PASS/FAIL indicators
  • Full test readings shown on LCD screen
  • Automatic appliance switch on check
  • In accordance with IET code of Practice

Kewtech KT71 Suitability

  • Maintenance staff
  • Schools and colleges
  • Low volume users
  • Leisure industry
  • Care homes

What's Included?

  • Kewtech KT71 PAT Tester
  • User Manual
  • Carrying Strap
  • Soft Carrying Case for Accessories
  • Mains Leads
  • Short IEC Lead for Extension Lead Testing
  • Earth Lead

KT71 Bundle Offers

Get all the equipment you need with our amazing value bundle packs!

This table breaks down exactly what's included in each kit.

Item Description   KT71 PAT Tester Essentials Kit (Bundle 1)KT71 PAT Tester Professional Kit (Bundle 2)

Deluxe Carrying Case

Keep all of your equipment safe and in one place with this large-size carrying case!

(appearance of case may vary depending on current stock)

Socket Tester

Need to check if your sockets are working right? Just plug this in to a standard UK plug socket and if there's a problem, the socket tester will let you know about it!

(socket tester may vary depending on current stock)

PAT Testing Training DVD +
Online Exam & Certificate for 1 Person

Not yet trained as a PAT tester? With our training DVD, you can train yourself from the comfort of your own home or workplace! The DVD includes access to our online examination for one person (you can also purchase additional exams for other team members, if needed).

The PASS Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing

Everything you need to know about PAT testing is outlined in this comprehensive book. Inside, you'll find useful information, colour-coded sections, photographic examples and much more to help you PAT test on a daily basis.

PASS PAT Testing Logbook

Keep a record of all of your testing with our logbook. The book includes carbon-copied records, allowing you to keep one for yourself and give the other to customers or keep for a reference.

Microwave Leakage Detector

When PAT testing, it's common practice to check microwaves are also not emitting high levels of radiation. With our microwave leakage detector you'll be able to do this testing with ease.

PASSPTA21 - IEC (C13 Female)
to Cloverleaf (C6 Male) PAT Adaptor

You'll need this adaptor to connect your PAT tester to laptop/PC power leads and other similar equipment which has a cloverleaf-shaped connector.

PASSPTA29 - IEC Plug (C14)
to Cloverleaf (C5) PAT Adaptor

This adaptor is used to connect to laptop power supplies, portable projectors and other similar equipment.

PASSPTA28 - IEC Plug (C14)
to Fig 8 (C7) Pat Adaptor

You'll find several appliances such as game consoles, laptop power supplies, audio/visual equipment and more use this type of connector - with this adaptor, you can connect them up to your PAT tester.

CK Tools AV05050 5 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Kit

A handy set of insulated screwdrivers (suitable for live working to 1000V) suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Includes 2 x PZ (1 x 80 and 2 x 100mm) + 3 x slotted (3 x 75, 4 x 100 and 5.5 x 125mm) screwdrivers in a carrying case.

WM1 - 500 x Passed PAT Testing Labels

You'll need these every time an appliance passes a test - just tear one off, fill in the fields (appliance ID, your name, test date and next test due date) and stick on the appliance when done.

WM6500 - 500 x Circular Passed PAT Testing Labels

These circular-shaped PAT labels are great for plug tops and any other appliance. The labels also include space for ticking the month/year the next test is due.

WM12 250 - 250 x Cable Wrap Labels

These passed labels wrap around a wire/cable from an appliance and are recommended for use with power supplies or on appliances where you can't stick a label. They also include space for writing your appliance ID, name, test date and next test date.

WM7 250 - 250 x Failed PAT Testing Labels

You won't need these as often as your passed labels, but you'll need to apply one of these whenever an appliance fails a test. If it does fail, the item should be taken out of service for repair or replacement

SimplyPats Manual PAT Testing Software

Keep a database of your PAT testing information on your PC and print reports with SimplyPats Manual software. Please note that this software is manual entry; you cannot download directly from the PAT tester and you will need to type in records by hand.

Technical Specs
Questions?Do you have a question about this product? Call our customer service team on 01642 631685.

Kewtech KT71 Technical Specifications

Measurement of Protective Conductor Resistance
Test Function IT 200mA Continuity Test 20A Continuity Test  
Measuring Range 0 to 15Ω
Resolution 10mΩ
Open-Circuit Voltage 4 - 24V
Measuring Current 200mA DC (nominal( 20A AC (nominal)  
Accuracy ± (3%rdg+5dgt)
Measurement of Insulation Resistance
Rating 250V / 20MΩ and 500V / 20M Ω
Measuring Range 0.1~19.99M Ω
Resolution 10kΩ
Rated Voltage 250V/500V DC(-0%/+30%) @250k Ω/500kΩ
Short-Circuit Current 2.5mA DC or less
Accuracy ± (2%rdg+3dgt)
Leakage Current Test (with Load Test)
Test Function Load current test Leakage current test  
Measuring Range AC0.1~13.00Arms AC0.1~ 19.99mArms  
Resolution 0.01A 0.01mA  
Accuracy ±(10%rdg ± 5dgt) ±(3%rdg ± 5dgt)  
Examination Time Max 5 seconds Max 10 seconds
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