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Do I Need A Label Printer?

Many of the more advanced PAT testers available have optional printers as part of their accessories range.

In practice, printers are used out in the field alongside your tester to instantly print out customised labels which - depending on the printer you're using - can include everything from barcodes to your own company logo.

Whether or not you need a printer is up to you, but there are some things to be wary of before you jump in and make a purchase.

Before You Begin - PAT Compatibility

First thing's first - only downloadable (PAT testers with integrated memory) are compatible with printers.

This is because the printer will need your data from the tester's memory for label production; as a manual PAT tester doesn't have this, it is therefore not suitable for use with a printer.

As a basic guide, here's a list of PAT testers with a printer:

  • Seaward Apollo 500 and 600
  • Fluke 6500-2
  • Megger PAT400 series

Not all manufacturer's downloadable units have printers. Please check with us if you have any questions about a printer for your tester.

So, Do I Need A Printer?

The main reason for buying one of these? You won't have to fill out labels!

Just press configure your labels on PC, then press a button when you're testing and you'll instantly have a label ready for your appliance.

When you're out testing a huge amount of appliances every day, this process is a life saver. You'll save a huge amount of time just printing and sticking rather than manually doing everything, meaning a printer is a great investment.

Unfortunately convenience can come with a cost - your printer will need regular replacement cartridges and blank label packs, each of which can be costly if you're using your printer constantly.

Whether or not the expenditure of replacement cartridges and labels is a factor or not is ultimately up to you. Even with the cost, the convenience of a printer label system is almost invaluable for those testing a huge amount of appliances.

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