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Megger is a highly respected name in the electric test equipment field, and chances are you'll see many professionals using Megger's equipment on a daily basis. The company has been developing innovative test equipment since the 1800s, and continues to lead the test equipment field even to this day.

In fact, Megger has become so well known among professionals that many people refer to insulation tests as 'Megger' tests!

Portable Appliance Testers are a big part of Megger's range, giving you the ability to make sure you adhere to all rules and regulations and ensure that appliances used in a working environment are designated as being safe for use.


Megger PAT320 PAT Tester From: £515.00+VAT

Desktop-based portable appliance tester with automatic mode and easy-test initiation.

  • Full colour LCD display
  • Bond testing at 25A, 10A and 200mA
  • Performs tests on both 230V and 110V appliances
  • Also performs continuity, insulation, differential leakage current, touch current, RCD testing, fuse, operational and extension lead testing
  • Simple interface to easily switch between tests

This PAT tester also comes with earth-bond/insulation test lead, an extension lead adaptor and carry case.

Megger PAT350 PAT Tester From: £585.00+VAT

The PAT350 is almost identical to the PAT320, but also features the ability to perform flash-testing.

  • Test portable residual current devices and extension leads
  • Flash test with voltage or 1500V a.c nominal for Class 1 and 3000V a.c nominal for Class 2
  • Automatic and manual testing modes
  • Also performs class I and class II and IEC power lead
  • Full colour display

Ideally suited for use in environments where things are manufactured, production areas or tool-hire shops.

Megger PAT410 PAT Tester From: £739.00+VAT

The PAT410 is the entry-level device in Megger's 400 range of portable appliance testers.

  • On-board memory storage of 10,000 records, plus USB download to PC
  • Suitable only for use on 230V appliances
  • Selectable PASS/FAIL limits
  • Large 5.7inch full colour screen
  • Performs 200mA earth bond/continuity test

The Megger PAT410 also includes combined earth bond/insulation test lead, 230V extension lead adaptor, laptop power supply adaptor, Download Manager software and carry case.

Megger PAT420 PAT Tester From: £815.00+VAT

The PAT420 improves upon the PAT410 by adding additional features not found on the other model.

  • 230V and 110V operation means more appliances can be tested
  • Also performs 10A and 25A earth bond testing
  • Full QWERTY keybaord and soft keys for easy test access
  • Configurable tests
  • 250V/500V insulation tests

Due to the inclusion of 230V and 110V modes this PAT tester is heavier than the PAT410 and is best suited for desktop-based testing.

Megger PAT450 PAT Tester From: £965.00+VAT

The best model available in Megger's 400 series. The PAT450 includes all features found on the 410/420 as well as extras not found on the other devices.

  • Includes 1.5kV and 3kV flash testing
  • Tests both 230V and 110V appliances
  • Earth bond continuity test (200mA, 10A, 25A) insulation test (250V and 500V) and alternative leakage tests (substitute, differential and touch current)
  • Also performs operation tests and extension lead tests
  • Comes with in-built memory storage of 10,000 records

If you've been looking for a professional grade tester that can carry out the full scope of testing, the PAT450 is a great option.