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Megger was established in the late 1800’s and has been manufacturing products for test and measurement for many years.

With branches across the world, Megger is well known in the industry and one many trust to provide excellent equipment and products. Megger produce all their products under the Megger name to help customers identify the Megger brand and to help people understand that all their products work well together.

Megger are also committed to ensuring that the latest technology and industry innovations are passed on to their customers. They have a wide range of products from HV equipment like insulation resistance equipment and cable testing equipment, to 17th Edition equipment, multifunction testers, multimeters, earth testers, and many other Electrician, Industrial and Telecom products.

However, their range of PAT test equipment is well known in the industry and many choose Megger products again after they have had them previously. Current products in the range are varied, from products at a more essential level to advanced models with many features and functions.  Although, between the higher and lower range models there are a number of test instruments to choose from so that everyone can find the perfect model of tester with the ideal functionality capability for their needs.

For detailed information on the Megger range of PAT testers, take a look at the options below and click through to the product page for detailed information on the specifications for each option. Each model has the choice of various kits and packages.


Megger PAT120 PAT Tester From: £289.00+VAT

Low-cost and highly effective, the Megger PAT120 has all of the functionality you'll need for ensuring compliance with the IET Code of Practice and even comes built into its own protective carrying case for protected transportation at all times!

  • Portable, battery-powered design
  • Rugged carrying case with protective flip-down lid
  • Large-size scratch-proof LCD screen shows PASS/FAIL and full testing readings
  • Suitable for use with IT-based and surge protected equipment
  • Ideal for shops and offices/low volume PAT applications

Comes as standard with tester, 4mm plug lead probe, croc clip, extension lead adaptor and carrying case.

Megger PAT150 PAT Tester From: £399.00+VAT

Although it looks identical to the PAT120, the PAT150 is the upgraded version of the PAT120 with additional functionality!

Additional functions include:

  • Portable RCD testing mode for 10mA and 30mA RCDs
  • Mains-powered leakage testing
  • SELV measurements
  • User-configurable test group pass limits and test duration
  • Suitable for testing fixed appliances

Comes as standard with tester, continuity/earth bond lead, SELV/mains voltage test lead, extension lead adapter, mains plug test lead and carrying case.

Megger PAT320 PAT Tester From: £515.00+VAT

Desktop-based portable appliance tester with automatic mode and easy-test initiation.

  • Full colour LCD display
  • Bond testing at 25A, 10A and 200mA
  • Performs tests on both 230V and 110V appliances
  • Also performs continuity, insulation, differential leakage current, touch current, RCD testing, fuse, operational and extension lead testing
  • Simple interface to easily switch between tests

This PAT tester also comes with earth-bond/insulation test lead, an extension lead adaptor and carry case.

Megger PAT350 PAT Tester From: £585.00+VAT

The PAT350 is almost identical to the PAT320, but also features the ability to perform flash-testing.

  • Test portable residual current devices and extension leads
  • Flash test with voltage or 1500V a.c nominal for Class 1 and 3000V a.c nominal for Class 2
  • Automatic and manual testing modes
  • Also performs class I and class II and IEC power lead
  • Full colour display

Ideally suited for use in environments where things are manufactured, production areas or tool-hire shops.

Megger PAT410 PAT Tester From: £739.00+VAT

The PAT410 is the entry-level device in Megger's 400 range of portable appliance testers.

  • On-board memory storage of 10,000 records, plus USB download to PC
  • Suitable only for use on 230V appliances
  • Selectable PASS/FAIL limits
  • Large 5.7inch full colour screen
  • Performs 200mA earth bond/continuity test

The Megger PAT410 also includes combined earth bond/insulation test lead, 230V extension lead adaptor, laptop power supply adaptor, Download Manager software and carry case.

Megger PAT420 PAT Tester From: £845.00+VAT

The PAT420 improves upon the PAT410 by adding additional features not found on the other model.

  • 230V and 110V operation means more appliances can be tested
  • Also performs 10A and 25A earth bond testing
  • Full QWERTY keybaord and soft keys for easy test access
  • Configurable tests
  • 250V/500V insulation tests

Due to the inclusion of 230V and 110V modes this PAT tester is heavier than the PAT410 and is best suited for desktop-based testing.

Megger PAT450 PAT Tester From: £965.00+VAT

The best model available in Megger's 400 series. The PAT450 includes all features found on the 410/420 as well as extras not found on the other devices.

  • Includes 1.5kV and 3kV flash testing
  • Tests both 230V and 110V appliances
  • Earth bond continuity test (200mA, 10A, 25A) insulation test (250V and 500V) and alternative leakage tests (substitute, differential and touch current)
  • Also performs operation tests and extension lead tests
  • Comes with in-built memory storage of 10,000 records

If you've been looking for a professional grade tester that can carry out the full scope of testing, the PAT450 is a great option.